A systematic procedure for handling positive cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) at your premises.

In case a positive case is detected on your premises, do not update your colleagues or stakeholders with a message in a WhatsApp group or a company-wide email. Instead, call all team leaders and heads of departments in person and ask them to spread the message by calling in a one to one fashion to avoid panic.

Care must be taken and the following 5 details advised to the stakeholders:

  • Inform your staff who was infected and clarify who was in the interaction range of the infected. This information must be relayed back immediately to the Admin.
  • Advise them not to panic, avoid travel and be available.
  • Tell them to recollect the activities they did in the past few weeks and keep the information ready, preferably written down.
  • Educate them about being contacted by contact tracers and other health professionals. They have to be transparent and open about their activities to the tracers. Tracers by law are not allowed to divulge the information to outside parties.
  • Finally, answer honest questions about the condition of the infected or state of the infection at work premises. Also, advise them to not discuss with colleagues about the infection, as their colleagues are being educated by their respective charges in a systematic and organized process.

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