Message from the Placement Team

A 360-Degree grooming program is the first of its kind round-the-clock grooming program introduced in any Business School of India. As a part of this comprehensive program, a customized grooming program is created for each of the students. This calendar will be based on the inclination of the student to join an industry, his/ her background and a base-line drawn based on the initial Mock Interview by industry expert(s).

After the calendar being created during the first trimester itself, the students will then have to follow a customized program, in order to bridge the gaps across the areas as marked during the initial base-lining exercise. Such programs will involve rigorous communication workshops, series of personal interviews, industry best practices as well as academic or subject areas. At the end of the program, the students will be 100% ready for the industries of their choice.

The School’s connect with industry is strong. We presently hold MOUs with the following companies.

ASB promises 100% placement with a minimum package of 6 lakhs for all the eligible students.